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Deaf Children and

Young Adults

Every deaf child should have abundant opportunities to achieve their aspirations in life 

Our work seeks...

complete inclusion, integration and accessibility that deaf children can utilise the full scope of their abilities, enabling them to enjoy learning and thrive in the world.

There are so many ways we can all make a difference...

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deaf children
in the UK

attend a mainstream


communicate orally

As it stands the statistics are worrying, deaf people are more likely to:
Experience poor mental health - up to 50%, compared to 25% of the general population,
Be unemployed - 65% of working age deaf people are in employment, compared to 79% of the general population.*

*NHS England 2020

Our Vision

Our goal is simple, we want deaf children to flourish. We want to reframe disability

and re-align it with a positive deaf image.

We do this by facilitating access to learning, boosting technology in education

and promoting deaf awareness in society.

We want to create a Sonic Boom!

Assistive technology and AI is making great leaps in progressing accessibiliy and inclusion. We are applying it in interesting ways to make life better for everyone.

Education must be accessible to all, deaf students included, otherwise it's not fair...right? We use creative media, a variety of communication channels and research to show how simple adjustments make the world of difference!

Each of us takes in information in different ways. We are using different forms of communication - oral, visual, reading, writing and sensory to benefit not just deaf children but all of us.


"My perception and vision are quite good and that gives me a wicked sixth-sense...

I try to think that my hearing loss is part of my ability, not disability."

Tom Smith - UK's Medal Winning Deaf Cyclist

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