Sound Waves Foundation


To support and empower deaf children 

for a brighter future. 


Why wouldn't every deaf child have the potential to achieve their aspirations in life?

In the UK there are 51,669 deaf children, in England 78% of which attend a mainstream school.* 

Deaf people are more likely to:

Have poor mental health - up to 50%, compared to 25% for the general population.

Be unemployed - 65% of working age deaf people are in employment, compared to 79% of the general population.**

As a society we can do it...

With the right level of support deaf children should be able to utilise the full scope of their abilities, enabling them to enjoy learning and thrive in the world.

No lines, no segregation, no boxes, no categories. Complete inclusion, integration and accessibility. 

*CRIDE report 2019


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Communication and Connectivity

Education and Learning

Support and Technology


Sound Waves Foundation

Our Vision

Our goal is simple, we want deaf children to flourish. 
We want to rebrand disability and re-align it with a positive deaf image.
We will do this by facilitating access to learning, boosting technology in education and promoting deaf awareness in society.
We want to create a Sonic Boom!

"My perception and vision are quite good and that gives me a wicked sixth-sense...I try to think that my hearing loss is part of my ability, not disability."

Tom Smith - UK's Medal Winning Deaf Cyclist