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Deaf Kids Tip Kits

‘Deaf Kids Tip Kits’ aims to educate society on how to be more inclusive and deaf-aware during activities like playdates, water-based activities, school trips, sports, sleepovers and others.

Each booklet is will soon be available to download from our website, watch this space! With many more to come.

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Artboard 1 copy 3.png
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Our creative Tip Kits will share information that ultimately empowers both society and deaf children in equal measure.  We will arm adults with potentially life-saving information to ensure that deaf children are safe and can join in the fun. 

These vibrant digital ‘kits’ can be readily shared at the touch of a button by parents, schools and communities working with or caring for deaf children, they are easy to read, fun to look at and offer good practical advice. 

By ensuring activities are more inclusive and accessible and having people better informed, deaf children can enjoy life to the full.

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