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Sonic Boomers

Breaking the Sound Barrier with Words

8 year old Luna is the only deaf student in her class. Her eyes sparkle as she looks at the Sonic Boomers star of the week board. Luna’s heart bursts with desire and hope, as she wants nothing more than to impress the class with her ambition of becoming an astronaut. “Being deaf shouldn't stop you.” Luna’s mum often reminds her. But school days are exhausting, most days Luna struggles to understand her teacher. I can’t keep asking the teacher to slow down, everyone will think I’m stupid, Luna thinks. If only Luna could understand the conversations, catch every word and every detail, feel supported and confident in herself. Why should she have to work harder than everyone else? Maybe today will be different, maybe today her future will be unlocked…

In this heartfelt and original animation short, brought to you by Sound Waves Foundation, created by Megan Cox, we join Luna on her inspirational journey to break the sound barrier with words. Luna shows us how a small change can have a profound effect on her aspirations and achievement in life. What it takes to change the future isn’t out of this world.

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There are around 52,000 deaf children in the UK. Only 2% use British Sign Language as their main language. Luna represents the 78% of deaf children that attend mainstream education and the 88% of deaf children that communicate orally. Luna is bilingual as she signs with her mother, statistics show that only 7% of children use both. (CRIDE report 2021)

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